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    I knew early in life that I had a gift of “knowing” which later became strong enough that I knew I had abilities of being psychic and it is helpful to my clients in my coaching practice. My approach is unique. I first want clients to know who I am and why my coaching would be a good fit for them. I want them to be comfortable and free from fear, so they can begin this journey of self-discovery. And as they begin to see themselves as the beautiful soul they truly are, the possibilities become endless. They now have meaning and hope because they have found their true purpose in life.

    If you take emotional healing, the healing effects of forgiveness, the understanding of how quantum physics is tied in with spirituality you will have Emotion-Based Coaching. I help my clients to heal from their past, so they can continue their journey towards fulfilling their purpose here on Earth. You will receive love, support, guidance, and instruction, as well as benefit from the life coaching skills I have received from one of the top coaching and education instructors in the industry. I have had the pleasure to train under Maia Berens who was instrumental in helping John Gray, author and speaker (Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus) before he was so well-known for his work in the field of relationships, and I bring their knowledge and life lessons into my coaching practice also.

      As you begin the process of healing the past, you start to uncover all the incorrect beliefs that have been holding you back from your authentic self. It is these unprocessed emotions which you have about life, the world, and even yourself which have created the beliefs and behaviors you are experiencing today. We will work together towards healing and empowering your soul and spirit, so you become the confident person who lives inside of you. You will become inspired and motivated to create the life you've always wanted.  


License, Certifications and Degrees

  • Compassionate Friends

  • Minister with Universal Life

  • Spiritual Councilor with ULC

  • Hypnotherapy at HMI

  • Aromatherapy at Mystic Touch INC.

  • Emotion-Based Life Coach at YOU University on Line (Student of Maia Berens)

  • 3rd Degree High Priestess Universal Life Church Seminary

  • Grief Recovery Specialist

I offer: Phone \ Zoom\ Skyp \ and InPerson Readings 

See my Google website  Here

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